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RWFit.com Workout: Wednesday 9/26/12

Posted by eric on September 27, 2012

Often times my workouts are a solitary affair - conducted in the middle of the work day at lunch at my house, or on the road in a hotel fitness center. Getting to share my time - with my wife or kids especially - is always a great change of pace.

And speaking of changes in pace, today's workout was a run with my 8 year old son, who rode his bike along with me and we chatted about his day, my day, and running over dead skunks. What could be better?

Distance:  5K

Temperature: 67°F

Time of Day: 3:30pm

Wind: 15mph from the NNW

Route: Bike paths and side streets, minimal hills


What a great run - having my son riding along with me was a ton of fun - he's such an engaging kid, especially one on one in this situation. He chatted the whole time while I, of course, struggled a bit to keep up with him. My normal pace averages about 8:10 miles. 

This ride? I did 7:33 miles. And it really felt fantastic - didn't feel too exhausted, so it must have been the company. Guess I need to invite him along more often!


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