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RWFit.com Workout: Tuesday 10/3/12

Posted by eric on October 2, 2012

Today was a day for one of my favorite workout types - the Deck of Cards workout. For those unfamiliar, this workout consists of assigning an exercise to each suit, then performing the designated number of reps of each suit based on the cards you draw. Face cards are 10, Ace is 11, and Jokers get there out special exercise.

Of course, making this about legs may have been a mistake.

Round 1:

  • Hearts: Back Squats
  • Diamonds: Dead Lifts
  • Spades Push Ups
  • Clubs:  Back Extensions
  • Joker: 25 Russian Twists


I think I can still feel my legs. At the end of 100+ of each exercise, you feel what you've done, even though it doesn't necessarily take a long time to get through. The randomness of the cards, as well as the inevitable grouping of several of the same suit in a row, makes this an unpredictable workout.


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