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RWFit.com Workout: Sunday 9/30/12

Posted by eric on September 30, 2012

Today's workout had to be a little more creative than many I do. Let me set the stage a bit: I'm at a hotel, which in and of itself is not that unusual for me as I'm often on the road. The difference today? Well, first I had all three kids with me. Not necessarily a bad thing, since my oldest can watch the others, but the two boys really wanted to go swimming and we needed to meet the rest of my family for breakfast fairly early.

In addition, there was only one treadmill, an elliptical, and a stationary bike in the "fitness center". No weights, no mats, no medicine balls, nothing. So I had a bit of a challenge in front of me.

Here's what I did:

Round 1:

  • 1 mile sprint (for me, that's a 7:20 mile)

Round 2: Circuit, repeat 5 times

  • 20 Push Ups
  • 30 Body Weight Squats
  • 20 Russian Twists

Round 3: 

  • Swimming. Sort of - more playing, but still, it was activity, right? Did that for 30 minutes.


Hey, sometimes you take what you can get. In this case, I needed to do the bulk of my workout (round 2) in the swimming pool area so I could watch my boys (6 and 8) swim and with no weights, I had to do body weight exercises in a small space.

So overall, I was pleased that I made the effort. It would have been much simpler to just write the day off since there wasn't much in the way of equipment to use, but by being creative I was still able to burn some calories and continue setting a good example for my kids.


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