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RWFit.com Workout: Friday 9/28/12

Posted by eric on September 28, 2012

As I prepare to head out ot my Uncle's wedding in Iowa this weekend, I know I'll be challenged to do much exercising as I'll be spending a lot of time in the car and at functions. I don't have much time today since I need to get everyone ready to go (my wife can't go due to work training), but I want to get in something that will boost my heart rate and work my abs.

Here's what I did:

For this workout, I did a circuit of exercises 5 times. I don't typically do specific counts, relying more on "max effort", but today I went with counts.


  • 24" Box Jumps - 14
  • Hanging Leg Raises - 12
  • 18" Up-and-Overs - 16
  • Hollow Rocks - 12
  • Jumping High Knees - 16
  • Knees to Elbows - 12


I ran through this very quickly, which was my goal, finishing in about 12 minutes. There was no rest between sets aside from a quick drink of water at the end of each round, so that helped to keep my heart rate up.


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