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RWFit.com Workout: Sunday 5/27/12

Posted by eric on May 27, 2012

After a couple of days off due to my ongoing recovery from this sinus thing that won't go away, as well as a hectic weekend of baseball and family gatherings, it was good to get back to working out. Today's workout was one of my old stand-bys: the Deck of Cards workout.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this type of workout, it's a pretty simple concept: take a deck of 52 playing cards, plus the Jokers, and assign an exercise to each suit and a "special" exercise for the Jokers. Draw through the card deck and each time you get a card, do the number of reps of an exercise indicated on the card.

Face cards (J, Q, K) equal 10 reps. I generally do Aces as 11, but depending on the type of workout I'm doing (as well as how I'm feeling) I'll assign 20 to the Ace. I like to do cardio for the Jokers.

For this particular day, I was assisted by my 5-year old, who flipped the cards and told me how many I had to do. He even helped count out the reps when he wasn't busy trying to do something on his own. 

Round 1:

There's really only one round in a deck of cards workout. The idea is to get through them quickly, even though occassionally a "bad" shuffle will have you doing 30 or 40 of an exercise in a row, which can be brutal. In any case, here were my assigned exercises:

  • Hearts: Dumbbell Shoulder Press
  • Diamonds: 24" Box Jump
  • Clubs: Hanging Extended Leg Lift
  • Spades: Back Extension
  • Joker: 1/4 Mile Sprint (6:50 mile for me)


It felt great - I was worn out at the end of the series and worked through it at a good pace with little rest. My son kept me going by flipping the next card as soon as I was done with a set (he loved it when he'd flip 3 in a row of one suit - laughing at me if I complained).


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