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RWFit.com Workout: Wednesday 5/23/2012

Posted by eric on May 23, 2012

Looking to do a lighter workout today, as I'm still recovering from this cold or whatever it is. I feel like I have energy, but still congested so cardio may not be the best bet.

So, the goal for the day is to focus primarily on weight training vs. intervals or any other heavy cardio. It's hard to resist, but I think it's the prudent thing to do. Hopefylly I'll be back to 100% tomorrow.

In each of these rounds, I didn't do just one set. I took as many sets as necessary to complete the trigger exercise, but in between each set I did the complete circuit of secondary exercises.

Round 1

Trigger: 30 strict pull-ups


    • 12 Hammer curls
    • 15 Back squats
    • 12 Hollow rocks

Round 2

Trigger: 3:00 Wall squats


    • 15 Back extensions
    • 12 Concentration curls
    • 0:45 Plank

Round 3

Trigger: 30 Barbell Curls


    • 10ea TRX Pistols
    • 12 Heavy pants
    • 12ea RIP twists


Not too bad - almost better than I thought it would be due to still recovering. Felt good about my form and the weight/reps I did. I didn't push as hard as I normally would have (i.e., the trigger reps were pretty low), but still feel like I got a good burn. I'll take it for what it is today and move on to hopefully better workouts througout the week.

Coming Up:

Tomorrow is a long travel day, 5:45am leave the house for airport, 7:00pm return to the house from my trip. Hopefully I'll catch some ZZZs on the flight...


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