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RWFit.com Workout: Tuesday 6/5/12

Posted by eric on June 5, 2012

It had been awhile since I'd focused specifically on legs, so today was the day for that. Nothing too fancy, but enough to make me feel it the next day.

Oddly enough my wife complimented me on my leg definition today, kind of out of the blue, which was a surprise since I've never really thought I had good legs. Hmmm.

4 Rounds:

  • Barbell Back Squats - 15
  • Leg Abduction - 10 each leg
  • Leg Adduction - 10 each leg
  • Barbell Dead Lifts - 8
  • Sandbag Side Lunges - 10 each leg


Sore legs. I should probably do more legs more often, so all this documentation will hopefully help me to remember. This was focused mainly on leg strength - I do a decent amount of plyo work, but will continue to work more on both as I prep for the Tough Mudder in September.


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