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RWFit.com Workout: Monday 5/28/12

Posted by eric on May 28, 2012

And now for something completely different. A great Memorial Day workout this morning made better because it was outside. Luckily we did it in the morning, because they day quickly turned pretty stiffling.

The nice thing about outdoor workouts is that it gets you a little bit out of your normal element and forces you to do some different things, as well as deal with the environment.

This morning my wife put together a challenging routine for us, especially because it was pretty hot and humid even in the morning. It's always fun working out with her as she mixes things up nicely for me - I always think I come up with decent workouts, but she'll put me to shame. Which makes sense, I suppose, since she's the personal trainer.

Rounds 1-2:

  • Barbell clean and toss. Five times out, five times back. (Do a clean, step and toss the barbell forward).
  • Famers walk with barbells. Take a 45# barbell in each hand, walk 100 yards out and back.
  • Single leg TRX squats. Place one leg in the TRX, squat on the other leg. 12 times each leg.
  • Monkey bars. We have a long monkey bar setup at the park, which was perfect.
  • 1/4+ run. Ran from the park to the next block and back, between 1/4 and 1/3 mile.
  • Hanging knee to elbow crunches. Hang from the money bars, bend your legs and use your abs to raise your knees up to touch your elbows. No swinging!

Round 3:

  • Replace clean and toss with clean to shoulder press. This was an on-the-fly adjustment since the outdoor barbell toss was wearing on the rubber plates.
  • All others the same as rounds 1-2.

Round 4:

  • Replace farmer walk with TRX back flies.
  • All else the same as Round 3.


Wow. Sweat up a storm - but it felt great! The boys (my daugher was at a friend's house) came to cheer us on for the last couple of rounds. They also informed me that mom was faster than I was, although it was because we only had one of each equipment setup so she started first. That, at least, is my story!

I don't think I could have pushed through a Round 5 this morning. Maybe if we'd started a little earlier and it had been cooler, but as it was 4 rounds was just right.


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