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RWFit.com Workout: Monday 5/21/12

Posted by eric on May 21, 2012

It was a good weekend full of outdoor activities - baseball, Cub Scouts, etc. A drastic change in the weather this morning (60° vs. 90° yesterday) has me ready for a great interval workout.

Here's what I did today:

Prior to each set I ran 1/4 mile at roughly an 8:30 pace (that is, a total of 3 miles).

Round 1:

  • 30 Ring Pushups
  • 20 Kettlebell Shoulder Presses
  • 20 Tricep Rope Pulldowns
  • 30 Russian Twists

Round 2:

  • 20 Incline Dumbbell Presses
  • 20 Lateral Shoulder Raises
  • 30 Bench Dips
  • 20 Hanging Leg Raises

Round 3:

  • 20 Kettlebell Flies
  • 20 Front Shoulder Raises
  • 20 Side Tri Pushups (each side)
  • 20 Medicine Ball Situps

The Result:

It felt great - sweating like hell right now. I pushed it on the weight sets with fairly heavy weights and increased the pace of my runs during the final round. Over the next couple of months I'll continue to add rounds to these types of workouts until I'm doing 8 rounds or more.



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