Search Results Workout: Sunday 9/30/12

A very limited hotel workout. Really, no weights?
Today's workout had to be a little more creative than many I do. Let me set the stage a bit: I'm at a hotel, which in and of itself is not that unusual for me as I'm often on the … Workout: Friday 9/28/12

Pre-trip workout.
As I prepare to head out ot my Uncle's wedding in Iowa this weekend, I know I'll be challenged to do much exercising as I'll be spending a lot of time in the car and at functions.… Workout: Thursday 9/20/12

Getting back at it.
For those of you who have been paying attention, which frankly is probably not that many, you may have been wondering what's happened to me the past 3 months that I haven't been b… Workout: Saturday 6/9/12

Today was a late night workout. Sometimes you need to take advantage of the time you have on those busy weekend days. For my workout tonight, I chose to do a pyramid workout, wher… Workout: Wednesday 6/6/12

It's my birthday. It's also National Running Day. Best way to celebrate? Yeah, go running. Unfortunately, I'm traveling for work (sucks, right?), had a long day, and am beat. S… Workout: Friday 6/1/12

It's always nice to start the weekend (and the month) off right with a workout. My goal for today was to do several rounds of a mixed bag of exercises to include cardio and weight… Workout: Thursday 5/31/12

Sometimes you just need a quickie. Workout, that is. At least, that's what I needed tonight. So I made up a relatively quick workout that got my heart pumping but didn't take t… Workout: Monday 5/28/12

And now for something completely different. A great Memorial Day workout this morning made better because it was outside. Luckily we did it in the morning, because they day quickl… Workout: Sunday 5/27/12

After a couple of days off due to my ongoing recovery from this sinus thing that won't go away, as well as a hectic weekend of baseball and family gatherings, it was good to get b… Workout: Thursday 5/24/12

I have to say, it was tough to get downstairs and workout tonight. After a long day of traveling and meetings (out at 5:30am, back at 7:00pm), then swim practice, kids homework, e…