Search Results Workout: Monday 10/1/12

Round 1: 4:00 tabatas of each exercise Hammer Curls Kettlebell Snatches (4:00 for each arm) Tricep Kickback Round 2: 3 Sets of each exercise (max reps each set) Stri… Workout: Monday 9/24/12

Hotel workout #1 for the week.
Tonight was my first night at the hotel fitness center this week. It wasn't quite the setup I thought it was when I looked at the pictures, but it was certainly passable.  Here… Workout: Friday 6/8/12

Round 1: Ring Pushups - 31 40# Dumbbell Hammer Curls - 21 45# Kettlebell Shoulder Presses - 12 Medicine Ball Pushups - 16 Chin-ups - 15 25# Dumbbell Lateral Shoulder Rais… Workout: Saturday 6/2/12

Today was time for a dedicated heavy arms workout. It wasn't about cardio or excessive reps, it was low reps of heavy weights. It had been awhile since I'd done something like thi… Workout: Thursday 5/31/12

Sometimes you just need a quickie. Workout, that is. At least, that's what I needed tonight. So I made up a relatively quick workout that got my heart pumping but didn't take t… Workout: Tuesday 5/29/12

Who says you can't have a good workout at the hotel fitness center? Sure, it can be a challenge that they don't have every thing you need - for example, I had access to a treadmil… Workout: Wednesday 5/23/2012

In each of these rounds, I didn't do just one set. I took as many sets as necessary to complete the trigger exercise, but in between each set I did the complete circuit of seconda…