Search Results Workout: Tuesday 10/3/12

Deck fo Cards. And Legs. Yikes.
Today was a day for one of my favorite workout types - the Deck of Cards workout. For those unfamiliar, this workout consists of assigning an exercise to each suit, then performin… Workout: Sunday 9/23/12

Sunday workout. Shoulders and Legs.
Time for a good shoulders and legs workout. I like to mix it up a bit with a variety of different exercises, but as usual need to keep the time fairly constrained. So there's no s… Workout: Saturday 6/9/12

Today was a late night workout. Sometimes you need to take advantage of the time you have on those busy weekend days. For my workout tonight, I chose to do a pyramid workout, wher… Workout: Tuesday 6/5/12

It had been awhile since I'd focused specifically on legs, so today was the day for that. Nothing too fancy, but enough to make me feel it the next day. Oddly enough my wife co… Workout: Sunday 5/27/12

After a couple of days off due to my ongoing recovery from this sinus thing that won't go away, as well as a hectic weekend of baseball and family gatherings, it was good to get b… Workout: Wednesday 5/23/2012

In each of these rounds, I didn't do just one set. I took as many sets as necessary to complete the trigger exercise, but in between each set I did the complete circuit of seconda…