Search Results Workout: Tuesday 10/3/12

Deck fo Cards. And Legs. Yikes.
Today was a day for one of my favorite workout types - the Deck of Cards workout. For those unfamiliar, this workout consists of assigning an exercise to each suit, then performin… Workout: Monday 9/24/12

Hotel workout #1 for the week.
Tonight was my first night at the hotel fitness center this week. It wasn't quite the setup I thought it was when I looked at the pictures, but it was certainly passable.  Here… Workout: Friday 9/21/12

End of Summer workout.
Yesterday's workout was designed to be fairly quick and cover a number of muscle groups. Today's workout is going to be more targeted as I want to be able to focus on some key are… Workout: Friday 6/8/12

Round 1: Ring Pushups - 31 40# Dumbbell Hammer Curls - 21 45# Kettlebell Shoulder Presses - 12 Medicine Ball Pushups - 16 Chin-ups - 15 25# Dumbbell Lateral Shoulder Rais… Workout: Friday 6/1/12

It's always nice to start the weekend (and the month) off right with a workout. My goal for today was to do several rounds of a mixed bag of exercises to include cardio and weight… Workout: Tuesday 5/29/12

Who says you can't have a good workout at the hotel fitness center? Sure, it can be a challenge that they don't have every thing you need - for example, I had access to a treadmil… Workout: Thursday 5/24/12

I have to say, it was tough to get downstairs and workout tonight. After a long day of traveling and meetings (out at 5:30am, back at 7:00pm), then swim practice, kids homework, e… Workout: Monday 5/21/12

Prior to each set I ran 1/4 mile at roughly an 8:30 pace (that is, a total of 3 miles). Round 1: 30 Ring Pushups 20 Kettlebell Shoulder Presses 20 Tricep Rope Pulldowns …