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You Have to Want It

Posted by eric on November 28, 2011

America is getting fatter every day, it seems. Processed foods. Trans fats. Sedentary lifestyles. 

Where will it end?

It ends when each of us - you, me, your neighbors, friends, cousins, spouses - all decide that we literally can't live like this any longer. Take a stand. Educate. Intercede.

Be the one at the table to refuse desert. 

Be the one to walk to work.

Be the one to promote healthy eating. Not fat-free salad-dressing healthy. Healthy eating. Reduce processed foods, cut out the french fries, limit your sugar intake. Stop drinking soda (especially diet soda).

Eat fat. Yes, you heard me - eat fat. People started getting fat when we stopped eating fat. You never feel full if you don't eat enough (25%-35% of your calories).

Don't guilt your friends - lure them in to your healthy lifestyle. Guilt puts them on the defensive, where promotion can get them excited. We're all sales people - sell health. Make them WANT to be healthy, not feel like the HAVE to be healthy. If they want it, they will keep at it, especially once they see results.

Stay fit everyone.


Posted by RKS Workout on
Love this post! We are with you 100%. Lead with the energy of a healthy lifestyle!
Posted by Doug on
Monkey see...monkey do works much better than a lecture.
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