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Road Warrior

Posted by eric on October 24, 2011

It's going to be an interesting next few weeks, with business trips each week up until Thanksgiving. I certainly don't want to enter the holiday season already packing some extra weight, so I'm geared up to stay as much on track as possible over the coming weeks. 

Some of my strategies:

  • Stay at hotels that have (or have agreements with) decent fitness centers. Sure, a treadmill and bike are nice, but it's best to have access to other gear - weights, stability balls, open areas for aerobic activities, etc.
  • Bring healthy snacks (maybe even a Shakeology pack). I don't like to get trapped into having to grab an unhealthy meal at the airport, so having my Shakeology handy gives me the option to whip up a quick drink rather than picking up a slice of pizza or something.
  • Stay hydrated. Nothing sucks water out of you like air travel - staying hydrated helps your body process your food.
  • Avoid bad influences. It seems that when I'm going out to eat at night with my colleagues, they're all pushing fatty appetizers and desserts and all that nasty stuff. I've learned over the years that it's best to push back and avoid those (it helps to have a healthy mid-day snack to stave off hunger before dinner), even if others look at you funny when you pass on the fried appetizers.
  • Be a good influence. If people see you eating healthy food - grabbing a salad or chicken breast instead of a burger, etc. - they may start to make similar choices.

Travel fit, everyone.


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