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One down

Posted by eric on October 27, 2011

My first of 4 straight business trips leading up to Thanksgiving is complete. This was an easy one - a quick overnight to Baltimore. I think I did a pretty good job of sticking to the plan, but there weren't many challenges...

Things I did right:

  • Brought snacks so that I wasn't tempted by crazy food at the airport. Had a protein bar to tide me over on the way out yesterday afternoon, washed down by a large water.
  • For dinner, we went out (hard to convince people to cook you a meal on a business trip), but I had salad, veggies, and a nice piece of salmon with some rice.
  • I worked out at night, even though I was tired. The hotel had a surprisingly nice fitness center with both cardio and free weights, medicine balls, a Bosu, a universal machine, and pullup stand. Not bad.
  • Stayed away from the bad breakfast food, having a Shakeology and a banana, along with a bagel since I knew I wouldn't get a chance to snack before lunch.
  • Decent lunch of a grilled chicken salad, although we ordered out, and it came with all sorts of stuff - I think they emptied the salad bar into the container for me!
  • Passed on the Oreo cookies the hotel left in my room for me. Why not an apple?

Things I could have improved upon:

  • Ate dinner too late. Sure, it was a pretty reasonable dinner, but we didn't eat until nearly 8pm. That's too late for me!
  • Had some Bang Bang shrimp as an appetizer. Not horrible, but I was weak. At least I didn't eat them all!
  • Slipped in a piece of cheese pizza with lunch.

Overall, though, pretty pleased. Not perfect, but fairly controlled. I worked out, ate reasonably, and avoided major nutrition pitfalls. That's the Real World.

Stay fit everybody.


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