Starting a Fitness Business is Hard Work

Posted by eric on October 2, 2012

There's an epidemic of obesity, a lack of understanding of proper nutrition, people left and right who could seriously benefit from adding exercise to their lives. It's the perfect storm of events that will make becoming a fitness professional both personally and financially rewarding.


Well, as it would turn out, it's not quite so clear cut. Let me tell you our story...

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Tough Mudder Wisconsin 2012 - Recap

Posted by eric on October 1, 2012

On the morning of Sunday, September 9th, months of anticipation finally gave way to action as we pulled into the Tough Mudder parking lot on a chilly late summer morning. The night before was filled with trepidation. Did I train enough? Would I be able to handle the obstacles? Could I really run 12 miles? How would I look caked in mud for all of those Facebook posts?

Well, in the end, it was worth the wait. It was a marvelous adventure - let me tell you all about it...

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With all of the issues surrounding the 2012 Farm Bill revisions, including significant ongoing subsidies for crops that don't need them, insurance subsidies for large farming corporations that don't deserve them, and cuts to the Supplimental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), it's easy to miss some key points.

Michele Simon (@MicheleRSimon on Twitter) outlines one of those points in her new research paper entitled: FOOD STAMPS Follow the Money [PDF], where she discusses the role of corporate profits in sustaining poor SNAP practices. It's a good read and I recommend it.

However, one of the things that I believe we've missed is how SNAP provides us an opportunity to understand how we can improve our food supply chain. This post is about why we should do it, why it is within the rights and responsibility of government to do it, and how it will benefit not only SNAP participants, but the overall community as well.

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Can we legislate healthy eating?

Posted by eric on May 31, 2012

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has proposed a ban on large sugary drinks - those over 20 ounces, with some exceptions. Opponents, including (shockingly) the NYC Beverage Association and even consumers have denounced the measure:

"It's time for serious health professionals to move on and seek solutions that are going to actually curb obesity," said [NYCBA] spokesman Stefan Friedman. "These zealous proposals just distract from the hard work that needs to be done on this front." (via Huffington Post)

Aside from the obvious irony of an association that pushes largely unhealthy drinks calling for health professionals to seek solutions to "curb obesity", NYC's proposed ban does again raise an important question: Can we - and should we - regulate healthy eating?

Here's what I think...

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Don't be afraid to pat yourself on the back

Posted by eric on April 9, 2012

It's easy to find fault with ourselves - a little too much fat here, a shoddy workout there, an extra slice of that great cornbread somewhere else. It's often times much more difficult to sit back and recognize the positives with what you've done and continue to do to stay fit and healthy.

Take the time now to pat yourself on the back for taking steps to be a better person physically and mentally by exercising, eating right, and being a good example to others.

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It's time for a Food Revolution

Posted by eric on March 30, 2012

Much has been made about the "pink slime" (or Lean Finely Textured Beef, as manufacturers prefer to call it) process employed by Beef Products, Inc., in which they take trimmings that would normally have been wasted, treat them with ammonia, and create a beef additive that is put back into various packaged ground beef products. Many of the proponents of the process have touted its safety as a food product, to the point where they've indicated the processing probably makes it safer than other ground beef products.

Politicians, not surprisingly those from heavily beef-producing consituencies, have supported BPI and the pink slime process, again touting safety.

However, all of these people and studies that promote the safety of the product are completely missing the primary issue here. This isn't about safety. It isn't about how good it might taste. It's about food production transparency.

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Why a "Fat Tax" Won't Matter

Posted by eric on March 13, 2012

The idea of a "fat tax" - where unhealthy foods are subject to a percentage charge to (theoretically) pay for additional health care or health education - is, to some degree, appealing. Make those that eat those foods pay for it and subsidize their additional health care costs. 

In the end, though, this type of tax is unlikely to be effective in achieving its end goal of improving the overall health of the nation/world.

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Can anybody REALLY tell me what's good for me?

Posted by eric on February 2, 2012

It's frustrating, right? I mean, you're like me, trying to do what you can to live right, eat right, be healthy, and in the process you do a lot of research into what "right" and "healthy" mean. Just when you think you've got it down, guess what? You don't.

Is there anyone out there who can really tell us what is the right and wrong way to live and be healthy? I don't think so. Why? Let me tell you...

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Would you like some Bisphenol A with that?

Posted by eric on January 27, 2012

Bisphenol A, or BPA, is a chemical that's been used since the 1960's in the manufacture of hard plastic food containers such as baby bottles and reusable cups and the lining of metal food and beverage cans used for everything from baby formula to soup. 

And it's not just in the cans and bottles - the chemical has been shown to migrate into the foods contained in these packages, even more so when heated.

While the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services contends that BPA is "safe", to me it's the larger issue of being able to understand what is in the foods we eat - BPA or otherwise - that may be impacting our health long term.

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Who will be our champion?

Posted by eric on January 16, 2012

Nearly half a century ago, on August 28th, 1963, Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered his now famous "I have a dream" speech. As we celebrate his life and legacy here in the United States today, January 16th, 2012, I can't help but wonder: Who will be this generation's Martin Luther King, Jr. and what will that person fight for?

If anyone is listening, I have an idea...

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