What is Real World Fitness?

Like many of you, I must find a way to balance my desire to stay healthy with my need to work full time, travel for business, and spend quality time with my wife and three kids. Real World Fitness is dedicated to information and tools to help others live a healthy lifestyle while continuing to survive in the Real World.

Since I've been doing this for a long time now (over 20 years), I feel that I've found a good mix of partnerships and personal experience that can help others to find a similar balance. I hope you'll feel the same way once you see what I have to say. Speaking of which, follow me on Twitter @rw_fit.

How can Real World Fitness help?

My hope is to provide you with toolsinformation, and timely motivation to help you stay focused on your health, even when it's not easy. I'm not a fitness guru, nor am I trying to turn you into an Ironman Triathlete. 

I am, however, someone who believes that a 33% obesity rate in the United States is something we literally can't live with, and the only way to reverse the obesity trend is for each of us to make the decision that living a healthy lifestyle is a priority.

Real World Fitness is here to help you make informed decisions and understand how to make your health and fitness a priority.

What is Real World Fitness saying?

Check out my twitter feed below for all the great (and not so great) information I'm passing on. Forgive the fact that sometimes I get a little political...

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